through the F-Mount -  photography by Jürgen Becker
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Landscape & travel
I have loved landscape and travel photography for more than 30 years now. In contrast to others this sort of my photography was not affected by the transition from analogue to digital technology.

Nature at close range
Look at nature a bit closer than usual. Everything is relative and so is 'closer'. Therefore this gallery not only deals with flowers, insects, spiders and so on...

Reptiles & amphibians
My fascination with reptiles and amphibians dates from my childhood: as a boy I caught lizards, newts, frogs and whatever I could find. This gallery contains wildlife images only.

In 1985 I got my first impression of a bird cliff when I stood at the high coast near Gjógv (Faroe Islands) with lots of puffins and fulmars. I was fascinated by the view, the noise, the smell... Since then I frequently visit bird cliffs.

One core theme of this wildlife gallery is the grey seal, the biggest predator native to Germany. Within just five hours I can get to a great place for observing those beautiful animals: the little island of Heligoland.

Sea life
As a boy I loved to snorkel in the baltic sea, where I spent many holidays. A few years ago I restarted snorkelling and therefore you will find a lot of underwater images in this gallery (up to a depth of about 3 metres).

Full steam
I grew up near a railway line of a coal mining company with solely steam-driven trains. Still today I love (and photograph) steam locomotives, although today's museum operation is only a shadow of the former real one.

Invisible light
This gallery contains images captured in infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) light by using special equipment. Because our eyes are not sensitive to IR or UV light, these images give a different view on the ordinary things around us.

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